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Frequently Ask Questions

We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about landscaping, tree removal, pressure washing, tree planting, sod, or fertilizing.

The Mission

We do everything possible to go above and beyond to provide the best service for an even better value. Choosing Southern Eco-Scapes also allows you to receive every service you need from one company.

The Philosophy

Choosing an inexperienced landscaper could result in missed appointment times, delayed project completions, and over budget projects. Southern Eco-Scapes has the experience to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

Our Promise

The company that will care for the long term health and appearance of you property is Southern Eco-Scapes.

Privacy Policy

Southern Eco-Scapes uses the utmost discretion when it comes to managing and handling your private records. We do not store nor keep any private information that is not paramount to our relationship with you as a client. Rest assured that your payment information as well as address, banking, checks, etc. are in safe hands. We do not sell your information to third parties nor will we ever. Our Privacy Policy is taught in the training of every technician and employee and they are well aware of the severity and legal ramifications of it’s breach.

Do I need Landscaping?

If you would like a yard and ultimately home that is both pleasing and comfortable, a well designed landscape will give your home that ‘comfortable’ feel and ‘curb appeal’ that causes others to look on in awe!

Whether you are renovating your home and need a complete landscape or you are updating the shrubs, landscaping offers a variety of services in areas of hard-scaping and plant material. Hard-scaping includes stoops, patios, walkways, driveways, retaining walls, swimming pools, decking, cabanas, and pergolas. Plants and planting material, creatively designed, emboldens a display of color, shade, and life to your yard and can alleviate problems such as privacy from the neighbors, prevention of erosion, or even hiding unsightly features.

How Much Does Landscaping Cost?

Costs vary from project to project…. We design your project to fit your budget. Jobs can broken down into strategic phases accordingly so we may progress the entire landscape over time if necessary. Once complete, a beautiful and tasteful landscape certainly will add value to your property. Traditionally, landscaping has one of the best returns on the dollar investment of any home improvement.

How Long does a Landscaping Project Take to Complete?

There is not a simple answer, as projects vary. A simple landscape foundation planting could possibly be completed in a number of days, while landscaping a property with features such as pool areas, patios and/or decking, to wrap around driveways and hardscapes, could take weeks and even months to complete. In the discussion and price quoting phase we evaluate what is needed to progress through the landscape plan and determine a time frame for completion.

I need a custom site plan. What are the fees?

Most projects do require drafted landscape plans…. however, smaller landscapes may not need one. Yes, we do charge for custom landscape plans. We take great pride in our custom landscape plan’s design. A creative, to scale, landscape plan customized to accommodate your wants and needs will be drafted using the latest technologies. We produce a precise, professional site plan. At Southern Eco-Scapes we have talented, UGA Certified Landscape Designers that help bring your ideas to reality. Plan fees generally account for a specified percentage of the total project cost. An accurate landscape site plan will save thousands of dollars in oversights and mis-measurements that would most certainly result in additional costs without one.

What is the process for competeing a landscaping project?

Our process begins by meeting with the property owner to discuss his or her ideas and needs for their home or project. We then create a site plan following a survey of the property. The design process begins by implementing the ideas and concerns discussed, and a preliminary landscape plan is formulated with an estimate of cost. Once the plan is drafted (if necessary) and approved we gather equipment/materials then execute the installation.

Why should I choose Southern Eco-Scapes?

We are a UGA Certified Landscaping Professional as well as an ISA Certified Arborist. We are Locally Owned and Operated Business and are a very family focused and friendly team. We put the quality of our work and our customer satisfaction ratings at the forefront of the company. We always strive to achieve the best landscaping for your project or home with our creativity, experience, and efficiency.

How soon can you get started?

Typically, we aim to initiate your maintenance services within a span of 5 business days. However, the timeframe may vary based on factors such as the season when you enroll, prevailing weather conditions, and the nature of the services scheduled at that particular time. For precise information or any inquiries you might have, we recommend reaching out to your designated point of contact. They possess detailed insights into your upcoming scheduled work and can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Will the same crew be at my house every time?

Typically, our crews consist of two individuals, with a designated team leader and another team member, as we find this to be the most efficient approach for property service. During peak seasons such as leaf season and mulch season, we may increase the crew size to ensure timely completion of the work.

It’s worth highlighting that we diligently record comprehensive notes about your property in our system. This effort is aimed at ensuring that any team assigned to service your property is well-informed about what matters most to you. Your specific preferences and requirements are a priority for us, contributing to a more personalized and effective service.

Do you weed landscape beds?

Interestingly, many clients initially engage our services for lawn mowing, yet the perceived quality often hinges on the weed-free condition of their beds.That’s why our dedicated crews allocate time every week throughout the growing season to weed your landscape beds.

As an integral component of our basic maintenance package, we adopt a three-pronged strategy for effective landscape bed weed management. Annual mulching is a mandatory requirement to maintain the health of your beds. Additionally, we apply pre-emergent treatments to the beds twice a year, acting as a proactive measure against weed growth. Furthermore, our teams engage in weekly hand pulling and spraying activities to stay vigilant against any stray weeds. This comprehensive approach ensures that your landscape beds remain immaculate and contribute significantly to the overall quality of our services.

What day will I be serviced?

This question often arises shortly after enrolling in our service. While providing an exact day is challenging, we can offer insights into our approach for determining your service day. Generally, our aim is to prioritize commercial clients early in the week, with residential clients scheduled closer to the weekend. However, our commitment to environmental responsibility and cost-effectiveness drives us to optimize our routes. We strive to avoid unnecessary truck travel, which means occasionally servicing residential lawns earlier in the week to efficiently manage our routes and minimize environmental impact. Our goal is to balance convenience for our clients with responsible and sustainable practices.

What happens when weather interferes with my service days?

Occasionally, Mother Nature decides to throw a curveball into our scheduled work for your property. While we’re not meteorologists, we’re dedicated to closely monitoring the weather to make informed decisions for the well-being of your yard. This might entail adjusting our visit to your property by a day earlier or later in the week or, in some cases, refraining from servicing your property altogether if it could potentially cause more harm than good. As a general practice, we exert extra effort to service all properties during the workweek, even if it requires bringing in additional crews. However, our ability to navigate these challenges ultimately depends on the unpredictable nature of the weather.

Please be aware that we do not conduct work on weekends. Our team will exert every effort to complete your services within a standard 5-day workweek. If, for any reason, we are unable to complete your services in the preceding week, we will proactively communicate with you, providing an action plan for the way forward.

What do you charge?

Please visit our PRICING PAGE for a general pricing guide.

Do you service my area?

If you are located in the Middle Georgia area we most likely service your yard and privide landscaping services. Please call us to make sure or schedule online to get started.