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Landscape Design

LandScape Design is not a task that should be handled lightly, We are Certified Landscape Professionals from The University of Georgia, and have the knowledge and eye for design and correct implemetation that your property deserves!

Lawn Maintenance

We manage and maintain both residential & commercial landscaping for properties all over the Middle GA area! If you need an efficient and punctual property management solution, look no further than the skillfull staff at Southern Eco-Scapes!

Outdoor Living

We offer not only manicured lawns and beautiful flower beds. We can design and build out some of the most comfortable and welcoming outdoor living spaces. Hardscapes, outdoor kitchens, waterfalls, and more can take your property to the next level.

Pressure Washing

We pride ourselves on our service and management of all things landscaping! We also want you to be able to depend on us for more, and to think of us as an all inclusive service company. That’s why we have always offered pressure washing as an additional feature in our toolbox.

Shrub Care

We it comes to tree and shrub planting, there is only one correct way to insure the health and longevity of the plant. We continuously educate ourselves on the horticultural practices needed to successfully layout and plant your setting!

Grading & Drainage

Proper drainage for your property may be the most important step concerning the longevity of your home or business. Without the knowledge and proper implementation of a correct grad, you will certainly find yourself spending thousands on costly repairs.

Sod & Seeding

Everyone wants a lawn that will pass the barefoot test right?! Southern Eco-Scapes’ Certified Professionals know just the right type of grass, be it sod or seed, that will give you that lush lawn feel and still survive the environment that it takes root in!

French Drain

A top concern of moisture runoff should be preventing water from your home’s foundation. The most efficient way to avoid foundation issues is with a French drain system. Make sure you call our team that has the experience you need!

Weed Control

Southern Eco-Scapes’ Certified Professionals take care of weeds in your yards. Year Round.

Macon GA LandscapingWhat makes us different? We understand that Curb Appeal is very important and we will do everything possible to make your property look it’s best. You can be confident when you choose a UGA Georgia Certified Landscape Professional that your property will be well taken care of. We manage landscapes for their long term health, focusing on ways to maximize your investment. Our professionals know that timing is of extreme importance. They know exactly when to prepare, plant, maintain, treat, so your property will look exceptional year round. We do everything possible to go above and beyond to provide the best service for an even better value. Choosing Southern Eco-Scapes also allows you to receive every service you need from one company. This allows you to hold us accountable for everything landscaping. Not only do we offer every landscape service you need, but we can handle any of your pressure washing or tree service needs.

We have been in the landscaping industry for over 12 years now. When choosing a landscaping contractor be sure they are highly experienced, trustworthy, and dependable. Choosing an inexperienced landscaper could result in missed appointment times, delayed project completions, and over budget projects. Southern Eco-Scapes has the experience to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. Southern Eco-Scapes makes sure to keep a consistent schedule which allows us to be at your property at the same time and day each visit. We also offer flexible scheduling so that we can manage your property when it is convenient for you. We also present potential problems to you as soon as they are detected by our landscape technicians. Additionally, we offer the best solution to keep the problem from progressing. We also try to show you the full potential for your property. Your landscape can be the single largest investment you make in your property. Do you have the right people to manage or enhance your investment? The company that will care for the long term health and appearance of you property is Southern Eco-Scapes.


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Landscape Design, Lawncare Maintenance

Landscape Design is not a task that should be handled lightly, We are Certified Landscape Professionals from The University of Georgia, and have the knowledge and eye for design and correct implemetation that your property deserves!

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