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If you are located in the Middle Georgia area we most likely service your yard and privide landscaping services. Please call us to make sure or schedule online to get started.

Please visit our PRICING PAGE for a general pricing guide.

Occasionally, Mother Nature decides to throw a curveball into our scheduled work for your property. While we’re not meteorologists, we’re dedicated to closely monitoring the weather to make informed decisions for the well-being of your yard. This might entail adjusting our visit to your property by a day earlier or later in the week or,

This question often arises shortly after enrolling in our service. While providing an exact day is challenging, we can offer insights into our approach for determining your service day. Generally, our aim is to prioritize commercial clients early in the week, with residential clients scheduled closer to the weekend. However, our commitment to environmental responsibility

Interestingly, many clients initially engage our services for lawn mowing, yet the perceived quality often hinges on the weed-free condition of their beds.That’s why our dedicated crews allocate time every week throughout the growing season to weed your landscape beds. As an integral component of our basic maintenance package, we adopt a three-pronged strategy for

Typically, our crews consist of two individuals, with a designated team leader and another team member, as we find this to be the most efficient approach for property service. During peak seasons such as leaf season and mulch season, we may increase the crew size to ensure timely completion of the work. It’s worth highlighting

Typically, we aim to initiate your maintenance services within a span of 5 business days. However, the timeframe may vary based on factors such as the season when you enroll, prevailing weather conditions, and the nature of the services scheduled at that particular time. For precise information or any inquiries you might have, we recommend

We are a UGA Certified Landscaping Professional as well as an ISA Certified Arborist. We are Locally Owned and Operated Business and are a very family focused and friendly team. We put the quality of our work and our customer satisfaction ratings at the forefront of the company. We always strive to achieve the best

Our process begins by meeting with the property owner to discuss his or her ideas and needs for their home or project. We then create a site plan following a survey of the property. The design process begins by implementing the ideas and concerns discussed, and a preliminary landscape plan is formulated with an estimate

Most projects do require drafted landscape plans…. however, smaller landscapes may not need one. Yes, we do charge for custom landscape plans. We take great pride in our custom landscape plan’s design. A creative, to scale, landscape plan customized to accommodate your wants and needs will be drafted using the latest technologies. We produce a