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We are a UGA Certified Landscaping Professional as well as an ISA Certified Arborist. We are Locally Owned and Operated Business and are a very family focused and friendly team. We put the quality of our work and our customer satisfaction ratings at the forefront of the company. We always strive to achieve the best

Our process begins by meeting with the property owner to discuss his or her ideas and needs for their home or project. We then create a site plan following a survey of the property. The design process begins by implementing the ideas and concerns discussed, and a preliminary landscape plan is formulated with an estimate

Most projects do require drafted landscape plans…. however, smaller landscapes may not need one. Yes, we do charge for custom landscape plans. We take great pride in our custom landscape plan’s design. A creative, to scale, landscape plan customized to accommodate your wants and needs will be drafted using the latest technologies. We produce a

There is not a simple answer, as projects vary. A simple landscape foundation planting could possibly be completed in a number of days, while landscaping a property with features such as pool areas, patios and/or decking, to wrap around driveways and hardscapes, could take weeks and even months to complete. In the discussion and price

Costs vary from project to project…. We design your project to fit your budget. Jobs can broken down into strategic phases accordingly so we may progress the entire landscape over time if necessary. Once complete, a beautiful and tasteful landscape certainly will add value to your property. Traditionally, landscaping has one of the best returns

If you would like a yard and ultimately home that is both pleasing and comfortable, a well designed landscape will give your home that ‘comfortable’ feel and ‘curb appeal’ that causes others to look on in awe! Whether you are renovating your home and need a complete landscape or you are updating the shrubs, landscaping

Southern Eco-Scapes uses the utmost discretion when it comes to managing and handling your private records. We do not store nor keep any private information that is not paramount to our relationship with you as a client. Rest assured that your payment information as well as address, banking, checks, etc. are in safe hands. We

The company that will care for the long term health and appearance of you property is Southern Eco-Scapes.

Choosing an inexperienced landscaper could result in missed appointment times, delayed project completions, and over budget projects. Southern Eco-Scapes has the experience to make sure this doesn’t happen to you.

We do everything possible to go above and beyond to provide the best service for an even better value. Choosing Southern Eco-Scapes also allows you to receive every service you need from one company.